The National Platform consists of:

  • – Steering group (coordination council), which has the authority to make decisions and control the work of individual teams that are part of the National Platform;

  • – Operational group (working group), which performs specific tasks within the responsibility of the National Platform.

The steering group (coordination council)

    · Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
    · Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine;
    · National Police of Ukraine
    · National Olympic Committee;
    · Ukrainian Football Association.

The working group, in addition to representatives of the above-mentioned state bodies and organizations, also includes representatives of: · Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol;

· Commissions for the regulation of gambling and lotteries;

· Other sports federations, in particular sports with a high risk of manipulation of sports competitions;

· Ukrainian Association of the Gaming Industry, bookmaking operators (Parimatch Ukraine and others).

· The National Platform may also invite as observers representatives of Ukrainian sports associations, other sports structures, which are responsible for organizing and ensuring the conduct of official sports competitions and determining the results of these competitions, conducting appropriate inspections and decisions on their consequences, as well as those whose activities are related to the issues discussed during the meetings of the National Platform.

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