The National Platform of Sports Integrity

The purpose of the National Platform is to combat the manipulation of sports competitions in order to protect the integrity of sports and sports ethics.

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In this way, you protect the sport in which you participate or support the athletes, as well as the values ​​of the sport.

Manipulation of sports competitions devalues ​​the essence of sports, violating the principle of integrity and unpredictability of the results of competitions, causes distrust and contempt on the part of the public. Messages, both anonymous and non-anonymous, are a way of transmitting information that helps to identify cases of manipulation, investigate them in detail and impose penalties provided by law.

In addition, if you are an athlete, coach, judge, or athlete support personnel, you should be aware that concealing manipulation may result in criminal and disciplinary action. In such cases, reporting a case of sports manipulation helps protect the sport and makes you part of the solution, not the problem.