The Ministry of Youth and Sports together with Parimatch Ukraine will fight against manipulations during sports competitions

Today in the main arena of the country - NSC "Olympic", a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and Parimatch Ukraine to combat manipulation of sports competitions and the development of the National Platform of Sports Integrity. This was announced by the Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Gutzayt. # Nbsp;

"We are aware that match-fixing and manipulation of sports results continue to be one of the greatest threats to fair play around the world, including in our country. Ukraine supports the tough stance of the international community in combating this shameful phenomenon. We take an active part in all international events and have joined existing international instruments aimed at combating this threat to sport. In addition, Ukraine became the third country to ratify the Council of Europe Convention against Manipulation of Sports Competitions, "Vadym Gutzayt said. # Nbsp;

The purpose of the National Platform is to coordinate the activities of sports organizations and relevant authorities to combat and prevent manipulation during sports competitions, to conduct educational work on the prevention and prevention of illegal activities related to the manipulation of sports competitions.

"The main asset of a bookmaker is reputation and trust. As the first and so far the only bookmaker licensed in Ukraine, we feel responsible and ready to be an example in the status of industry leader. It is important to balance the interests of the state, the sports community, betting and players in order to effectively combat manipulation in sports. Signing a memorandum and expert support for the development of the National Platform of Sports Integrity is an important joint step of the state and a legal bookmaker in finding this balance and developing fair sports in Ukraine, "said Parimatch Ukraine CEO Natalia Gilevich. # Nbsp;

The signing of the Memorandum should result in expert and technical support for the development of the National Platform of Sports Integrity by the private sector, represented by Parimatch Ukraine. In addition, the Council of Europe Convention provides for the possibility of exchanging information between public authorities, sports organizations and betting operators on sports competitions on suspicious or incorrect bets.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has already set up a working group of experts, which is working out mechanisms for the work of the National Platform and measures to coordinate the fight against manipulation of sports competitions. In addition to specialists from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the working group included representatives of the National Police of Ukraine, the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, the Commission on Gambling and Lottery Regulation, the Ukrainian Football Association, the National Olympic Committee, and representatives of sports betting operators, including Parimatch Ukraine. This was announced during the meeting by Natalia Radchuk, Deputy Head of the Working Group for the Development of the Concept and Regulations on the National Platform for the Prevention of Sports Manipulation, Head of the Department for International Cooperation and European Integration of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. # Nbsp;

Also during the event, the website of the National Platform was presented, which will be active in the near future.

The event was attended by an international expert, Chairman of the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the UAF Francesco Baranca, representatives of ministries and agencies - members of the Working Group on concept development and implementation of the National Platform against Manipulation of Sports, representatives of sports federations and other invited guests.